Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Amateur Graffiti, destruction of property

Here's what happens when amateur artists tag areas where they're not supposed to.......

It's a beautiful house. Really. Or, at least, it was.
It's been abandoned for a while, granted, and it would take a lot to fix it up and all, but now it'll be a lot more to get it fixed up. Notice, for instance, in the top picture-the open window. You know what that means? That means that somehow, one or more of these kids got into the house.
Now, I know it's graffiti, and I've heard comments from people I show these photos to that they actually look cool. But come on...there are better places to pick than the front of a house....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Graffiti around Houston

Mmmkay, this is gonna seem small and worthless. Truly. Because I can't really get out and about enough.

I live in Houston, mmkay? It's hard enough to find graffiti around here as it is, so I'm just uploading two (very poor excuses for) pictures this time.

However, I managed to find a much better example of graffiti. Rejoice all.

No Parking, Towaway zone. Graffiti and a sticker.

A spray-painted "Triple T" sign in a certain high school in Houston, Texas. Definitely graffiti, but nobody's complaining.

Environmental graffiti, power-washed into the sidewalk. Translation: "From Rock to Reggae, everything is in the earth."

Mmkay, I know you probably haven't heard much of environmental graffiti. Basically, advertising companies built a stencil, then power-wash it into the ground for a fee. They are hired by a large variety of people, and are able to get away with this because they're technically cleaning the part of pavement they're on. This is a huge loophole; also, in order to get rid of this particular piece of graffiti, the city will have to pay to have the entire strip of sidewalk it happens to be on cleaned.

.....better post than I thought it would be.....

Monday, January 7, 2008

To kick things off

I'm gonna post a bunch of pictures I have about urban art and graffiti and stuff.

Here are a couple from Galveston to start things off:

Hi Mom.
Also, a guy with a bomb for an eye.


Circles, Squares, and "Know.."

mmkay, that's all I got from Galveston.